As part of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) our worship is based on the way our Anglican fathers taught us.  We use the Book of Common Prayer as a means to build on our faith.  Our services are inspiring, meditational and uplifting.  Above all, we are Christians, we serve God with pride and devotion.

At Groenkloof Life Hospital, where the chapel is located, we assist staff and patients in difficult times.  One of the many callings for Christians is intercessory prayer and we have a group of dedicated members that visit the staff and patients regularly for prayer or just a friendly conversation.

In 1993 the break was made from the Church of the Province of South Africa as the liberal agendas being promoted by the CPSA were not accepted.  Continuing in the Anglican faith we were taught by our fathers, we grouped with the Traditional Anglican Communion and kept to the teaching of the Catholic Faith as it was used in the Book of Common Prayer.

We started services in houses and garages and clergy had to be self-employed to sustain their ministries.  We now have the use of a beautiful chapel in the Groenkloof Life Hospital.  Bishop Michael Gill and Br Ronnie are the responsible clergy that minister in the hospital and wider Pretoria community.

The TAC in Southern Africa grew rapidly and there are now a number of parishes.


The San Damiano Crucifix is an important icon for us.  You will see it on the front of our pew leaflet every week.  Read more about the crucifix in this link:  San-Damiano-Crucifix.pdf

Readings for the week: Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity

Keep, we beseech Thee, O Lord, Thy church with perpetual mercy; And, because the frailty of man without Thee cannot but fall, Keep us ever by Thy help from all things hurtful, And lead us to all things profitable for our salvation; Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



Morning Prayer

Evening Prayer

Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity


Daniel 3

Daniel 5 or

Daniel 6


Luke 9.57-10.24 or

2 Timothy 1

Matthew 28 or

Ephesians 4.25-5.21



Esther 1

Esth.2.5-11, 15-end


Philippians 1.1-11

John 14.1-14



Esther 3

Esther 4


Philippians 1.12-end

John 14.15-end



Esther 5

Esther 6 and 7


Philippians 2.1-11

John 15



1 Maccabees 1.1-19

1 Maccabees 1.20-40


Philippians 2.12-end

John 16.1-15



1 Maccabees 1.41-end

1 Maccabees 2.1-28


Philippians 3

John 16.16-end



1 Maccabees 2.29-48

1 Maccabees 2.49-end


Philippians 4

John 17

Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity


Jeremiah 5.1-19

Jeremiah 5.20-end or

Jeremiah 7.1-15


Luke 11.1-28 or

Titus 2.1-3.7

John 8, 12-30 or

Ephesians 5.22-6.9